Not exactly a jazzy title but this short bunch of words is about the basics of startups and after reading the article, “The Drone Industry, False or Failing or Both.” I thought it was worth talking about some old fashion basics.

This article brings into light what steady startups, bootstrap company’s and self funders like about VC startups. We get to watch the fast and furious visionaries burn the cash while the rest of us slowly learn and understand all the evolving aspects of a disruptive technology like UAS.

We get to stay out of the hype slowing building a marketable product or solution that has real purpose and value. Building quality products, teams, processes and knowledge etc takes time.

So thanks VC’s for backing the risky early visionary promoters. This does help the rest of us build until the timing is right for growth , whether it is through merger, acquisition, manufacturing partnering , or other means. Google wasn’t the first search engine but they did get it right!

Timing and getting it right sometimes takes patience but I think in the long run, especially in an industry that has a long growth projection like the Internet and UAS , it pays to build a foundation first. But then my Dad built a concrete block manufacturing company so foundations were pretty important. 🙂

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