Grimmster Internet MarketingI guess this is an appropriate title for our own company startup rebrand.

After years of development, marketing and client work we realized that we weren’t a media focused company. Rather we didn’t offer advertising and typical media services as we briefly did several years ago, when we decided on the name MediaWright. While MediaWright still remains our corporate name, from back in 05 when we were just a DBA, we have decided to rebrand our stuffy corporate site to the name Grimmster.  Whoooaa! What a step out from the conservative corporate blue I was raised and trained by.

While rebranding is not without its hassles, 301 redirects, systems and design changes aside, its part of  new age entrepreneurial-ism. Since businesses are moving a bit quicker and changes are more immediate it often means that your business or brand needs to shift in order to be true to your purpose or re-purpose. We have been fortunate and continue to be a profitable startup. Yet as with many small startups we have grappled the challenge of growth and decided to take on more responsibility and new grimmsters, with new opportunities.

This may cut into the surfing time even a bit more. However its a good thing and something we are all looking forward to in 2012 as we have some fun promoting the grimmster emarketing brand. We still have yet to further develop our logo and graphics etc. around the soul of our business but rest assured we will have some adventurous new elements to inject into the business. If you care to share any ideas regarding mascots please let us know at info (at)grimmster,com. Cheers, C


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