Top Secret Training for the SEO and Web Developer

You know, it’s funny, inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Today I was going through a regular routine of checking emails, analytic’s and news when out of my eye should appear a funny video on the SEO and SEM service industry. Although it had a bit of victim language attached to it, Boooo Whoooo, whoa is me, stuff you just have to laugh. It hit the nail on head fairly well regarding the client vendor relationship and the and the occasional client expectations. The acting was superb!

OK, now everyone group Hug, Aaaahhhh! I ‘ll give David Brown credit on this because I saw it on his site first. But Kudos to the Indie film makers on this baby!

The reality is the ridiculous and almost comical candor that, some, should display is pretty common across many industries especially with independent contractors. I think maybe the service industry takes a little more offense than most. I have been guilty myself. But hey thats business and we don’t have to work with people that assume unrealistic expectations. Having said that, I should have really titled this article,
“Top Secret Training for the SEO that you won’t Learn in Harvard Business School.”

Cheers, Have fun!

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