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It s been a while since writing about anything other than web development or online marketing so I thought I would throw a quick post in about a new online business blog & solution our company is launching.  See Pomalift Online Business Solutions.

To round out our online products and services program we thought that it was important to provide a vehicle to discuss Online Business. After talking with and consulting many small business owners over the years it was fairly obvious that people were not just interested in all the new trendy internet marketing toys but really more interested in how they could make some money with all this new knowledge. (this may seem obvious) So when a friend of mine from Vietnam contacted me to partner with him offering eCommerce solutions, I started thinking.

Ok, makes sense. While not all people I talk to have a full understanding of using the web for business, there is usually somewhere, tucked away, a goal to attract awareness to their site for the purposes of promoting something. Whether that thing is an idea, tangible product or service, the end result somehow has some commerce attached to it.

The actually commerce part may not be the drive such as the case of non profits. It may be just the fact that people want to have more autonomy on how they earn their income. With all the people skilled and qualified, out of jobs today, it seems to make sense that there are more ways these days to earn an income than to just put your resume out there the old fashioned way.

Beside the fact that my overseas friend has about 150 employees now and developing ecommerce clients worldwide may have also caused some intrigue.

Being a fact that we are still a small company there is a trade off of course with growing a business. When you start to take on large enterprise clients you can end up losing a certain amount of autonomy and control over things.

Having worked for some large companies in the past and knowing some of the dynamics, its prompted me to take a different approach to expanding our business.

Instead of just jumping on board the ecommerce partner wagon and getting caught up in the melee of activities I thought we would start out with a separate web blog geared to online business startups and enterprise ecommerce clients alike. While the two seem on completely different spectrums of ebusiness they are also not so different.

Both sides have an objective to build revenue. In fact it is probably more of a challenge and accomplishment in some cases to work with startups as they are unprecedented in their growth worldwide today.

Startups are fun and the great thing about startups they usually offer lots new insight into generating business online. They are usually operating leaner and the team often has fewer creative or operational constraints. On the other hand the enterprise business has greater budgets and knowledge resources.

Together we decided these two core business types would provide a good balance to giving insight and getting feedback for building online business revenue.

In the spirit of new age internet entrepreneurs… that’s what we aim for. See the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

If you have any comments to add positive or other wise please let us know either here at CG Blog or over at Pomalift Online Business.  I will be launching our own Steady Startup Circle meeting mid December 15, 2011. For those interested in being part of the group send us a tweet. We will be offering some neat tech perks for any persons doing a startup and want to provide feedback during the process.

Cheers, C

What is a Steady Startup?

My contention is that startups do not have to be boom or bust rocket ships blasting out a product or service on angel or venture funds.  We agree that startups should be lean. Further, the solid and successful ones are steady in their, diligence, team building, offering, and systems over time. Growth evolving through a course of testing, feedback, experience and value through innovation and reliability.

Does this sound boring and lofty? Let us know at Steady Startup.

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