Video with or without music can make a big difference… maybe good or not so.

This article shows the contrast from the aerial photos in the previous post to video with and with out audio. Photos are great and be quite creative but they are static. With video and video/audio you get a chance to tell a story and even entertain your audience.

First we show the video without the audio. Its perhaps descriptive but not much of a story. More a matter of fact of what is going on in the area. Maybe a little more interesting than individual photographs, but then that a matter of opinion.

Now consider the same video with added audio.

The choice of audio can make a big difference in portraying the story you want the viewer to see and feel. So if you are marketing a property you can see that there is quite a wide creative margin just by playing with the audio alone.

Let us know if you have any thoughts or experience in testing these different visual arts for aiding in your marketing efforts and whether they were effective or not.

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