The summer isn’t the same if you can’t get away from the September Florida heat and head out to one of my favorite places, Minnesota. Maria and I get to see lots of family and friends when we go and it is always non stop fun.

We ventured from Minneapolis/ St Paul to the Boundary waters. There was much food to eat, canoeing in BWCA and old friends to visit. Shooting the Browning and Benelli Shot guns with brother in law Mark was a bunch of fun.

Maria and Chuck in The Soudan Mine

Minnessota _ Soudan Mine

Close to a mile down under ground in The Soudan Mine – It is cold and dark !

Minnessota - Soudan Mine

Mode of transport to different levels in the mine!

Minnessota - Soudan Mine

It was great day for going into the park!

Minnesota - The Boundry Waters

Maria in the 17′ Kevlar canoe we rented from a small Wilderness Outfitters. They wouldn’t take our money. We will be back for several days next time.

Minnesota - Boundary Waters

Video to come soon!

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