Personal Aircrafts: A Realistic Future

During this age of technology, Drone (UAS) systems are familiar across most developed countries. Drones have become a more familiar tool and are even accessible at the local tech store. They are extremely common now, and are regularly used for photography, film, and mapping. However, recent developments are proving that drones can be used for more than just carrying a camera.

What is considered a Flying Car?

Personal aircrafts are large scale drones that can carry a minimum of one person, usually using several rotary systems. Developments on these aircrafts range from autonomous transportation using GPS coordinates or programs like Google Maps, as well as piloted transportation using a series of simple control mechanisms.

Progress on these aircrafts include being able to fly at higher altitudes, faster speeds, longer periods, and under safer conditions. Companies that build personal aircrafts are looking towards the future, and are providing results that have never been seen before. Designs can range dramatically and may focus on areas such as efficient fuel consumption, heavier take-off weight, and top speed. Prototypes exist now, but safety concerns for commercial use must be a primary focus before any vehicles are released to be used publicly.

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