Installing Joomla 1.5 and 1.6

This is a tutorial on setting up Joomla through Cpanel.

If you are a purist you will be able to find many that say you have to go through the experience of installing joomla manually. I will agree that there is benefit to understanding the process of joomla installation. Yet if you are building a business website and need to get going you will already have to spend a lot of time thinking and creating good content. After all that’s why they call it a content management system. The idea behind a CMS system, like joomla, is that you don’t have too focus on being a web developer to use it, unless of course you want to.

To start

The easiest way to get going with joomla is to work with a great web host provider. I recommend Liquid Web because they have 24 hour phone support. If you tell them you want to set up joomla they will know the correct configuration for your needs.  There are many others that host joomla and it usually comes down to the type of support you want. DIY- forum or phone support are the 2 main options. Do your self a favor, pay a bit more and get phone support. It will save you a ton of time in those emergency situations.

What you will need

This description assumes that you will be installing  joomla 1.5 or soon out (officially,  joomla 1.6).

First you will want hosting that has cpanel in your account. This will not only allow you to set up joomla in minutes but it will also be invaluable in the future if you want to do perform other functions, like setting up your own company email accounts and forwarders etc.

Installing Joomla with Cpanel and Fantastico
The easy way to intall joomla 1.5 and 1.6

Server & account requirements

You don’t have to understand php, msql or apache only that they are installed on your server. Again if you say you are installing a joomla cms, a reputable Host will know the requirements and will have the latest versions of all this software installed. For your reference:

PHP 5.0 or higher –

MySQL 4.0 or higher

Apache 1.13.19 or above –


Once you are setup with user name and password for Cpanel; login and look in your admin panel for a button or icon called Fantastico. This is a software that automatically installs many different types of software. Click on fantastico. Look on the right hand side for the joomla version you want to intall. Once you click on the that version simply follow the instructions. It’s really that simple.

While their are many other aspect to joomla from setting permissions, to security and so on, this basic instruction will get you up and started with joomla where you can actually start working inside the joomla admin and adding content, different templates and much more. If you have any questions on joomla installation or “business friendly” hosting companies leave a comment or you can go to eMediaWright for more resources. If you want the manual joomla install version you can visit the joomla offical website. This video link, will make it easy. Or just send me a tweet and I forward you the steps.

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