Making a Vacuum forming Machine

I started working on building a Vacuum Forming Machine so that we could build some interesting covers for new drone prototypes we are working on at Grimmster Outdoor Robotics.

Below are the first few steps (photos) showing the build of an 18 x 18 inch vacuum former made from MDF and 3/4 inch pine.

Step 1 – Cut out a piece of MDF 18 x 18 inches square for bottom of your former and wrap this with 1 x 4 inch pine.

Making a Vacuum-Former - Step 1

Step 2- Cut 1 x 2 inch pine pieces inserted as shown, to support the vacuum former deck.

Making a Vacuum-Former - Step 2

Step 3 – Cut out an 18 inch square piece of MDF and a 17 1/4 inch square piece of peg board.

Making a Vacuum-Former - Step 3

Step 4 -Using the peg board as a template, cut holes through the MDF  and secure the peg board to the MDF using a fine thread bolt.

Making a Vacuum-Former - Step 4

Step 5 -Place the Vacuum deck into the frame – and you the first part completed for building a DIY Vacuum Forming machine.

Making a Vacuum-Former - Step 5

In future posts I will lay out more steps for completing this machine as well as talk about building an oven for heating lexan.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me on twitter @charlesgrimm.



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