4 Simple Steps to Online Marketing

These are 4 simple steps to developing an online marketing program using open source and free online marketing tools. Beware this may become addictive!

4 Simple Steps to Online Marketing

1. Map your search marketing program laying out your objectives and strategy. Using visuals helps to keep things simple. Simple is the point especially with the internet. There are lots of ways to make things complicated and create grand structures but, hey you have to get things done right. Besides with internet marketing it’s going to change and often quickly as will your ideas and strategies.

2. Build your website using an Open Source CMS -content management system. Joomla, wordpress and drupal are 3 most well developed and supported platforms today. They are used by large and small companies; Citibank, Richard Branson, and the White House just to name a few. They are free to download and use.

3. Install SEO and Tracking analytics. SEO – search engine optimization will make it easier for search robots to read and index your website. Installing Google tracking will help you see what is working in your site and marketing program as you grow. Ultimately it will help you make better sales and marketing decisions. The days of throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall, (direct mail) and seeing what sticks, are slowly going way.

4. Set up a Search Marketing and Social Media program to build your search presence, page rank and online word of mouth. Why because search marketing and social media (facebook, twitter) is a good way to help build word of mouth about the good stuff you do.

If you have any thoughts or comments on how you create clarity, simple processes and results in your search marketing program please share them here or twitter.

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