Top 11 SEO Tools for 2011

Seo Tools List by Charles Grimm1. Web Developer – FireFox  Addon

The Web Developer extension adds lots of web developer tools to a browser for analyzing all sorts of site related technical data.

2. FireBug – FireFox  Addon

Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. The Firebug is another tool we use daily. You can edit, CSS, HTML , and more live in any web page…great for testing before you dig into any real code changes.

3. Search Status – FireFox  Addon

A useful quick rank-checking tool. Displays Google PageRank, Alexa rank, Compete rank and MozRank anywhere in your browser, It analyses keyword density, nofollow, backlinks, robots and again much more.

4. ySlow – FireFox  Addon

YSlow analyzes web pages and provides information on why they are slow. It is based on Yahoos rules for best-optimized web sites.

5. FlagFox – FireFox  Addon

Very cool tool if you want to know some background information of a site. This tool  shows a country flag which links you to information on a map of the site and server location as well giving site security info, whois, and much more.

6. Copyscape – Content Tool

This tool checks for duplicate pages of your content on the web. Very useful if you are working with any freelancers or outsource writers. Also good to use as a quick check for external duplicate content, if you are doing an SEO Audit.

7. Google Webmaster Tools

Still free and a great tool for tracking and analyzing your website traffic.

8. Google – AdSense Key Word Tool

Google’s keyword tool that gives you monthly search traffic results for specific and related keywords. Make sure you click exact match.

9. Wayback Machine (

Domain History. I have used this for years. Very usefully especially if you are going to build out a brand domain and want to see if there are any negative vibes or history associated with who ever owned it before you. Also a great tool if you are buying domains as part of your link building strategy.

10. Into DNS – Domain and Server Information

Gives you lots of information about a domain, IP and Nameserver, MX records. If you are running servers it’s a quick an easy tool to use for checking the status of many things. This information is really important especially for those few SEO’s that do run there own servers, (especially cloud) and really want to generate the best Search performance.

11.  SeoMozProfessional Seo Tools

* SEO Tools, Campaign monitoring, Community Support and much more. Known as a leader in SEO amongst Seo’s Marketers, Webmasters and Enterprise companies alike. There is a free and paid account. If you are going to have one reliable comprehensive set of tools and resources you can depend on, this is the one. But I am bias because I am a Pro Member.

Well that’s the list. These are a few of the ones we use at eMediaWright. There are a lot of tools on the web now. After years of trying many of the free ones we started to opt for the paid tools mostly because of reliability, accuracy and time. If you are relatively new to seo in the last couple of years, I would go straight to the paid ones. The reason is simple, these companies have had many years now of beta testing, getting feed back and refining. You will save your self time (which is money in most cases) Cheers. C

If you have some quality Seo Tools that you find invaluable for seo analysis, please let me know in the comments or on

*denotes an Affiliate Link – thought I would let you know 🙂

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