How To: Promote Your Business Online

Promoting Your Small Business on the Web in 2010

Listed below are a selection of articles on how to get started promoting your business online. These again range from the beginner to the advanced.I have covered a range of categories from social media to blogging, to link building and SEO. This list is intended to get you out the door with promoting your business online covering the basics from across the internet marketing spectrum. There are many good articles and authors out there, so I have chosen the best to get anyone started building an internet presence.

1. 40 Key Elements to Getting Started in Social Media by Louis Gray

2. How to Promote a Small Business Website by Small Business Trends

3. 10 Ways to Be a Great Social Media User by Search Engine Journal

4. 62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business by Web Worker Daily

5. 10 Key SEO Strategies Every Facebook Owner Should Know by Inside Facebook

6. 13 Tips for Marketing Your Business with Your Blog by Pro Blogger

7. 10 Secrets for Creating Viral Content by The Future Buzz

8. 5 Important Web Video Lessons for Small Business Owners by Mashable

9. Link Mixology: The 12 Kinds of Links Your Site Needs by Michelle Macpherson

10. Local Search Ranking Factors by David Mihm

11. Definitive Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing by Samir Balwani

I hope these articles give everyone a good start to building more business online in 2010. If you have any comments or articles that you suggest please let me know.

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