How to use Facebook for Business

How to use favebook for business.Facebook is used by millions of users around the world daily.  Ads are displayed on each user’s profile, from different companies, on each side of the home and profile page. There are often about 10 ads on each page containing information about 10 different products/services or organizations.

Since there are many people online looking at these ads at one time, they are likely to interest a user because these ads are displayed only to appeal to the interest of the logged in Facebook user. This is done by monitoring what is being clicked on and viewed by the user. These ads are attracting possibly, thousands of new customers to businesses worldwide.

How can you use for your business? One strategy is to make your page useful. For example testimonials and product/service reviews. You want people to know your business and to get the word out how great you are at what you do. Facebook is like creating word of mouth online.  Making your page useful and not just a sales pitch can help drive users to look at your website

Let’s take a look at your Facebook business page. You have only a few likes, some photos and you have maybe some links to external sites. Where is the interesting part? What does your business do and why out of the hundreds of thousand businesses on Facebook should they use yours? Are you good at what you do? Do customers love you and give you thumbs up. You need to include some information on your page that makes the customer want to know more. This is then provides a good incentive to click on external links. Link to a blog you have, link to articles that are related to your product or service, link to videos, link to forums where discussions take place, etc. You want people to seriously like your page, not just be another number.

A few possible Facebook goals and strategies.

1. Create more awareness of your business throughout the Facebook site

2. Get 1,000 likes or more by the end of the Year

3. Have at least 5 visitor comments or shared items on your page every week or every other day

4. Turn Facebook into the top referrer of traffic for your business page

5. Get 2000 entries into a Facebook contest that you are holding.

These goals are simple enough to follow and once you make them the next step is to break them down into small tasks easy enough for you to reach. Let’s take a look at the first goal. You want to create more awareness of your business throughout the Facebook site. How can you do this? Try linking and building networking connections with already well established Facebook businesses. These can be your affiliates. They can help promote you to their already loyal followers and help give more visibility to your business out. You can also create a twitter account in conjunction with your Facebook. Having a lot of followers on Twitter and directing them towards your Facebook is a good way of helping create more awareness.

There are many ways to use facebook for business.  Yet these suggestions are quick and easy to follow and can bring more awareness to your business Facebook page. Check out Facebook’s create-an-ad feature as a lot of ads are shown everyday.  Let me know what you thoughts, do you think Facebook is a good tool for business?

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