5-Startup-Tools-OverviewStartup Foundation Tools for creating clarity, reducing risk and launching a new product or venture.

When I decided to launch a new company division to extend Grimmsters product offering, I immediately thought of Paul Hoyt. Paul is a startup foundations expert and has been working with hundreds of businesses over the last several years constructing a solid practical grounding in personal and financial systems for launching a new product or business.

I found this to be a valuable tool in our new VisionCats Ventures Partnership because it lent us much needed oversight to our own consulting practice and systems. Hey my belief is we can all stand to learn more on going about ourselves and how to make better choices and decisions.

Tool #1

The Business Overview

Lots of people have lots of ideas but it doesn’t mean they are going to make money, much less whether it makes any sense to develop these ideas as a business. I have used an online tool called Smartsheet for several years to organize all of our projects, processes, tasks, todos and so on here at Grimmster. Its awesome and helps keep me on track daily. I also use another cloud based tool called Mind Meister which helps to easily map out systems, processess and ideas.

However, for our new division launch I started using an Tool called the Business Overview which outlines the core elements involved in stating our new Grimmster Venture. “Once complete you will know where you are, where you want to go and how fast you want to get there. The overview serves as a very simple business plan and is a source for initial investor documents.”

If you want a copy of this overview, you can download it from the Grimmster member page.

The next article in this series will discuss Startup Foundations Tool #2 The Mind Map

If you use a similar tool that you find effective please let me know so I can share this with our members. cheers.

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