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I attended my first Megacon – comic and gaming convention last month. It was quite an experience and certainly out of the norm of the regular trade shows and conferences I attend. Our objective was to meet industry professionals, illustrators, software developers, independent film people and others in order to help us advance our knowledge and build some relationships for the New Visions Interactive Art project and startup.

While it seemed like more of a consumer show there were some great panels featuring people from DC and Marvel comics to celebrities form star trek and the terminator.

Mega-con-bugsTheir were a lot wild and elaborate costumes. One excellent favorite was a “Beattle Juice” (Michael Keaton) impersonator. One of the best though was a kind of round guy with wild hair walking around with a plain card board sign that said “Free Hugs”. I just about fell over laughing. I’ll bet he was having a good time.

Over the 3 days, Maurice, Michael, Chris and myself  met some very talented artists which we may possibly collaborate with in the future.

Next up this month, I will be in Boston for the comic con and then to Anaheim for Wizard World comic con. “I want to meet the man behind the curtain”. Should be a good opp for finding that elusive Wizard T-shirt.

Some fun photos to follow.

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