10 Blogging Guidelines for Readability

Today there is so much material we can read online that we are always evaluating what is worth our time to spend reading. If you are a blog writer then you are interested in people reading and commenting on your articles. With some brief research I have put together a short bullet list of key points to consider when writing a blog post. The key point to remember, putting the bottom line up front, is that online readers scan articles to find salient value to satisfy their immediate need. Once that is satisfied then your audience may dig deeper and possibly take action. i.e make a comment etc. The key word is scan. These are 10 points to consider if you want to get beyond SCAN.

1. Get to point in the first paragraph.

2. Use short paragraphs or number lists. Pro: Easy to and get to the core quickly.

3. Provide the facts. Pro: Increases trust and credibility. If you can, provide links to the facts or the experts.

4. Use a concise obvious title describing what the article is about.

5. Write in simple easy to understand language. Pro: the less time people can spend understanding what you are saying the easier they receive value

6. Keep your articles short. If people can get some really good stuff from your article at a glance then there is a good chance they may read more of your blog.

7. Use headings and sub headings.

8. Highlight, Bold and underline key points.

9.Use pictures and images to help make your point.

10. Get to the bottom line. Because sometimes that’s all people have time for, especially, self employed, independent contractors and small business owners. (who make up most of my audience)

You may use only some of these points in your articles each time. What do you think. is there more to add to the list?

Now, increasing your reader action, (i.e commenting) is another matter. Next time I will talk about on site activity and whether it is important may depend on your internet strategy.

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