The SEO Benefits of Blogging

9 Reasons you should have a blog!

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I found an article on SEO benefits of blogging on an Australian site, SearchEngineRoom. The artilce was written by Lee Odden, CEO, Top Rank Online Marketing.

Since most of the businesses I speak with are interested in web development, this article gives good reason to make blogging or at least regular article writing a part of your web marketing program. I have summarized these benefits.

9 basic advantages to blogs:

1. Uncomplicated content structure makes it fairly easy for search engines to crawl.

2. Blog software makes it easier for search engines to understand your content. This can help you rank better.

3. Deep link anchor text in blogs can help ranking.

4. Blogs more freely link to each other making them an inbound link magnet.

5. RSS that uses the blog domain name can assist in building link popularity.

6. Blogs offer fresh content which is rewarded by reader and search engines by more visits.

7. Comments and track back features in blogs encourage interaction.

8. Blogs encourage a lot of non search engine traffic via RSS and “add to” links like bookmarking.

9. Blogs and there RSS feeds benefit by having greater visibility in Blogs & RSS search engines.

Go to Search Engine Room for the complete article and details.

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