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I went to Gallery opening a week ago. This invitation was for friends, family, fans and all those who were working with Mauruarend Art. Since MediaWright Inc. was hired to be the Internet Marketing company for Mauruarend, we were invited. My wife and I had a lot of fun! There were about 150 people invited and everyone was given a limited edition signed print by the artist – Maurice Middendorf.

Now even though I like to occasionally attend these events, I thought, this event would be a better opportunity to shoot some informal video and take some pictures. Well, even though we are the Internet Marketing company, professional video is something we would normally consign to a video firm. While I may have missed out on a few appetizers and a couple of beers, I was having fun capturing the moment and using this opportunity.

Even thought there was press coverage I thought why not promote this event a bit further.

My point this is something all small business owners can do. This is a perfect example of IN House SEM (Search Engine Marketing) work that can be given to anyone IN your business that can take a picture with a digital camera or hold a video camera steady and slowly pan a room.

Now there is one caveat, I did spend a bit of time afterword editing the video. The great news is there is free video editing software available online.

Video and photos can be used several different way to promote your business through a variety of social media. Great news is, there is no duplicate content rules for video so you can use this information in several different social media sites from You Tube to Facebook and so on.

So bring a video or digital camera to your next event, trade show or meeting and use this information as a vehicle to give searchers, clients, prospect or buyers more insight into your business.

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