Blogging & SEO: Joomla vs WordPress

I came across Frugal theme for word press. I like the clean structure. It looks a lot like Matt Cutts (Google) theme. I am thinking about using this a main theme for all our clients that want to now add a blog to there Joomla website. The My Blog extension in Joomla1.5 is the best that is available for Joomla but it is still not as good as using a word press theme. WordPress is built for blogging and has the styling that is more suitable for copy writers. It’s SEO structure is much better out of the box than Joomla”s. It appears that Joomla is moving toward more blog type templates and better SEO and WordPress is getting more into business websites. For now  think I will stick with Joomla for websites and WordPress for blogs.

I am thinking about doing an experiment: I have just set up my blog site in using a Joomla platform. I think will set up the same structure with using a WordPress platform and see which one does the best from and SEO stand point.  Hopefully I won’t get penalized by Google for duplicate content. If you have any thoughts on this please add your comments.

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