Core Habits of Successful Bloggers

If you’re blogging and trying to accomplish an online objective it’s useful to look at some of the common elements of pro bloggers that are apparent in making a successful blog. Here is a short list of key elements:

1. Write a lot – be prolific.

2. Be concise – get to the point and use short posts. Seth Godin is great for this.

3. Analyze – track and analyze your blog stats to find out from whence your readers are coming.

4. Keep learning – in blogging as in marketing, things are always changing so keep exploring and moving forward.

5. Be focused and consistent – have an objective for your blog and set a schedule for your post. (1,2/week etc.)

6. Plan – Think about where you are now and where you want to go. Write it down. It will change, but that is good.

7. Intention – set up your intentions for the blog, then sculpt, reshape,’s a journey and part of the fun.

8. Initiative and discipline – you’re the champion of your blog. It’s up to you to keep the energy alive.

Well I may have taken the concise part a bit too literally, so if you have an thoughts on this, please expand on these points or add your perspective.

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