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Part on the 2013 Grimmster product development plan is to start producing more content using video as a our primary medium. The reason for this is less about marketing, although there is a huge trend right now on Content Marketing, as it is about making products that are easier for our readers to quickly get some value for choosing to click on one of our links.

After all there is so much content online now that it is rare that a searcher will spend more than a millisecond on your site unless you actually have a relevant value to his/her search. This may be because it is often the “Content Marketing” Types that are just producing content (often using mass test broker companies) to gain search leverage for the sake of search rank.

So this year you will be seeing more video content coming out of Grimmster. In our new video services launch we have put together a short questionnaire for our team to better outline the purpose and some elements of our video “idea”.

Film Planning Questionnaire

This planning questionnaire is designed to establish a basic outline for producing a short video.

1. What is the main focus of the video

__ Scripted commercial

__ Live event

__ Tutorial/education

__ other

2. Please provide a summary of your project.


Download the 2 Page Video Planning Questionnaire

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