How to launch a Tech Startup

Should I go to Startup Weekend?

Startup WeekendIf you are interested in what is involved in getting an online business up and going then Startup Weekend maybe a good place to begin. It was my first time attending this event and it was definitely worthwhile for several reasons.

First off it’s inspiring and a lot of fun. You meet a bunch of people who are excited and have a lot of creative energy, and generally everyone is proactive and ready to make something happen.

Secondly by talking with people with different perspectives and ideas from your own you learn about things in your own business model that you might not otherwise have considered.

Third, if you are one of the people that are going to do the 54 hour fast startup, whether you are working on your own idea or part of another team, it is an invaluable experience in collaborating, being focused and getting something launched.

Finally, you meet a lot of smart people from various backgrounds. These connections alone can be invaluable after the weekend is over and you are out on your path to making your idea happen.

While most of this weekend was geared to launching a Tech Startup, Mobile Apps being predominant, there were a few brick and mortar business ideas. One of those that I liked was a Healthy Green Smoothie Cart – to make drinking and eating well more accessible.  So testing an idea that is not tech is also done here.

The event brought in people from the Venture Labs to crowd sourcing company The mentors, sponsors and speakers all seemed to add value to this event and for the price I will definitely be going again.

If you have not been to startup weekend or are interested in learning if this maybe a good experience for your idea launch…leave comment or send us a tweet.  We would be glad to share startup resources that might help you move forward with more clarity on your Startup Idea. Cheers. C

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