8 Ultimate Guides for Building an Ecommerce Business


Getting started in any business can be daunting but fortunately in this new era of technology there has been a lot written and shared on the topic of ecommerce. You no longer have to go out and rent and office and get stationary hire staff and so on to get going. So I will get to the point, if you want to work for yourself and build a business while keeping your financial risk of start up low, then ecommerce is a good place to be.

Below are 10 guides provided by Shopify ( a company with several years experience now in the ecommerce field) that will help you evaluate if growing an Online business is for you. As well, these guides will provide a great start point on how to get going. These aren’t in any particular order, but I have tried to arrange the topics in a logical sequence for those just starting out. For those already running an Online Store, well you know what your looking for.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Business Plans
  2. The Definitive Legal Guide to Ecommerce
  3. Shipping and Fulfilment 101
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping
  5. How to Find a Product to Sell Online
  6. 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale
  7. The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding
  8. How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing

Hopefully this will get you started. I know it helped us especially when it came to shipping. Since we have global vendor partners and because we dropship globally it was important for Grimmster to work on a strategy that was cost effective and efficient. We are still working on it. If you have any suggestions reach us on Linkedin or Twitter.

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