Raise your office desk for better health and a better back.

Table Lifts Design for your Office

I am usually a custom to standing at an architect table where my computer sits up high. So when moving into our new office I had some choices to make regarding our new work space. I am not big at sitting down. For one reason, you tire easier and second its terrible for your body and back especially. I recommend standing or using a stool highly when working. You definitely feel better, keep more fit and have more energy throughout the day. i have been doing this for years.

The table I wanted to use, a large pine veneer dining room table from Ikea, was set at regular table top height. In order to get this to the height I wanted, I had to design/build some steel lifts to jack the table up about 11 inches. Pretty easy really. Below are a couple pictures before and after the silver paint.

The Lifts are made of 2 pieces of angle iron welded at the corners with a 4 inch square plate on the bottom. They are 18 inches in length.

Simple sketch – The base is 4″ square


Table lifts before the silver paint. 18″ x 2 1/4


Another weekend project! 🙂


The parts List: 1 steel Lift, 3 pieces of 1×3 pine, 4 plastic trim pieces, 2 pieces of foam


Top View: showing all the parts added and into place.


Table lifts in action: The table is very stable. Its best to have another person help you stand the table up and move it in place.

Raise your office desk for better health and a better back.

If you are as interested in your health and fitness as much as I am, while you work, and want more details on this simple design just leave a comment, or send a tweet etc. and I will forward you the drawing.

This retrofit concept can be done on different types of tables as well, I am sure. I have a video on this as well but still have to take out a lot of the ummms and awwees.  (coming soon) Cheers.

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