Florida Angel Investor List

Angel Investors are often the first place many entrpreneurs start when setting out to get a new idea off the ground, into a proof of concept stage. There may be a couple of rounds of seed necessary before going into an A round of venture capital.

“An angel investor or angel (also known as a business angel or informal investor or angel funder) is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. A small but increasing number of angel investors organize themselves into angel groups or angel networks to share research and pool their investment capital, as well as to provide advice to their portfolio companies”. Wikipedia

This local Florida Angel Investor list is by no means comprehensive but it may help you if you are in the initial or secondary stages of raising seed capital.

You can find more information about venture capital in Florida at SouthFlorida Tech Regional Entrepreneurship Venture Capital

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