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These days we are spending more time on video skills development and video technology so we thought it appropriate to put together a short list of tools we like for several categories. while there is a lot of tools available, our take is based on a few criteria: Performance, ease of use, a quick learning curve, clean design and usability, support updates, security, and finally pricing. (free is always nice, but not at the expense of time and other important benefits.)

So here we go. Our choice for:

Video Editing: Final Cut Pro

Video Sharing: You Tube

Video Hosting: Vimeo

Onscreen Video Recording: Camtasia Studio

Video Analytics: Wistia

Lighting: Lightroom

There you have it, our core tools, however we are always testing tools for other specific needs including, story boarding, and organization. One area we will spending more time in this year is the testing of aerial video stabilization and GPS software.

If you have any great suggestions to add to our list please join our community or leave us a comment. Cheers

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