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While on the pursuit of continuous link building education I found several sites that had some great lists. Lists being the operative word. Link to the Top 30 Link Building strategies.

Being a small business owner my goal is to usually find information that is concise, to the point and “on target with the topic I am researching. Since I work in the rapidly evolving field of SEO and Search Marketing, it is not my intention to debate over which list is better but to give you the information to form your own strategy. But a strategy you need, and getting started now is in your favor.

There is not one strategy that fits all. Our clients range from Artist’s to Tile distributors. Content is different, industry is different and so should the link building strategy be different.

This comparative link building list is derived from articles, written in 2009, by 3 current SEO and Search Marketing specialists.There are several more. To see a list of 15 Top SEO articles we follow, visit Search Marketing . For a complete list of all link building strategies visit these sources below.

Link building tactics -SEOMOZBuilding link popularity
Link building strategies
1. Link Bait & Viral content creationBuild lists for people to link toMake sure that your navigation is spiderable
2.Blogging & Engaging in the BlogosphereCreate 10 easy tips to help you articlesBuild “breadcrumbs” into your website
3.Create valuable content strategiesCreate extensive resource listsCreate”In content Links”
4.Public RelationsCreate a list of the top 10 myths for a categoryUse a Site Map
5.Direct Link purchases from individual sitesCreate a list of gurus/expertsLink to topically relevant pages on important pages of your website
6.Use widgets and embeddable contentMake your content easy to understandBe consistent in linking behavior
7.Conferences, Events and In person networkingMinimize grammatical or spelling errorsMake sure that the link juice flows to your most important pages
8.User generated contentHave an easily accessible privacy policy and about section so your site seems more trustworthyOptimize your existing links
9.High Trust/Authority directoriesBuy relevant traffic with a pay per click campaignMonitor your 404 statistics and keep track of whoever links to old pages
10.Niche Social Media CommunitiesSyndicate an article at i.e – Isnare.com and others.Create a ‘link to us’ page

While there are many more top “Do’s” and “Don’t’s in Link Building, if you concentrate on what valuable time you have on these top strategies and tactic’s you will fast forward your progress to a better search engine rank; and with a defined website conversion strategy, (discussed in up coming articles) more business.

Let us know if this article was helpful and what link building strategy is working for you.

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