The 4 Agreements

I just finished The 4 Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. What I like about this book is that, it is an easy read. Ruiz talks with a real life experience-common sense language that even the most indifferent non-self helper can appreciate.

The beginning of the book sounds like we are all in Hell and we will continue that way unless we do something. However it lightens up eventually as he set the stage to make his point about the “Agreements “, that we all have made in our lives. Many of these agreements he suggests, we have forgotten or are not even aware of because we made them so long ago, mostly when we were kids.

What I like is that book is a practical tool; 4 easy agreements that seem like common sense. It reminds me of the book, “All I really needed to know I learned in kindergarten”. Ruiz has an approach that is certainly more complex but none the less the message is pretty simple. Be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumptions and do your best. Pretty easy to understand and great reminders for all of us! I see why it got acclaim from other writers.

The fact that it is a small book is great because you can bang through it quickly. I have read and tried reading some of these other best sellers about “Intention”, spirit work and so on and the Bottom Line is that they are hard to read. Especially when you consider the amount of activates that most people are juggling every day to maintain some semblance of balance. Life has to be a combo of work and play right!

Finally if you do make it through on of those books on say, Intention, you really retain one main thing, ACT with intention. I didn’t need to read 450 pages to get that point.  Yet enough people thought so, myself included because we drove the book to the New York Times best seller list. Great Marketing…maybe.

So, 4 agreements is a good read, makes sense and is practical. Ruiz keeps you interested in his story like prose. Two Thumbs up!

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