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ebusiness-productivity-toolsIt’s that time of year again where we have the annual gathering of kith and kin. Besides the festivities it always seems to be a time for learning. If you are a business owner its also a time for reflection and planning for the next year. The great thing about this time of year is that you are somewhat forced to get out of the box, routines, comfort zones etc. while you are engage more with friends and family that have different perspectives.

I have noticed over the last years that it has been a time for sharing and trying new productivity tools and systems.

This year I came across an iPad app that I have found very useful right out the gate.

It’s a writing/drawing tool.  You can draw, write or make notes, with your finger, or for best results, using an iPad pen.

Since I use a white board and notepads (the organic type) frequently this has been a handy tool because I can email those notes or drawings immediately. No scanning or typing into word necessary. Awesome!

These 3 iPad Drawing Apps are convenient and save you time

1. Pen Ultimate – Lite Version .99 – email shareable

2. Whiteboard – Lite Version is Free – Pro Version .99

3. UPad – Lite Version is Free – email shareable

One of the most important features of these tools was being able to share the note or drawing immediately via email. While most app b-models want you to share, (that’s the point, especially of the free ones) many of them want you to do so on Facebook or other social media.

Bottom line, Pen ultimate was the best tool (it had good user rating numbers), with the most intuitive user interface. It is well thought out in its layout as a notebook and even the lite version has a number of options.

I like the organic process of using the old fashion pen and paper and while note apps won’t completely replace this process these are very useful tools to be able to use in client meetings for quickly and easily mind mapping, drawing ideas and doing methodology charting.

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