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Co-working is a style of work where you can share a work environment but still operate independently. Many of those using co working facilities are independent contractors and work-at-home professionals.

Co-working finds its origins from nomadic Internet entrepreneurs that found a need to separate themselves from the isolation of the home offices by working in cafes and coffee shops. Co-working offered an alternative to working alone with the benefit of being able socialize or collaborate with other like minded and working lifestyle, oriented people.

work spacesThe trend is possibly because the growing development in startups and independent professionals themselves. This could be from the fact that the very nature of our work is changing. Or it could be, that good future prospects of employment are lacking in certain industries, and many are choosing to start working for themselves.

Co-working for Independents and Start-ups

Co-working helps solve the issues that home-based professionals face. It is also redefining the way independent professionals work.

For Startups co-working offers a sense of community, consistency and possibly just a routine to the daily work challenges of building a new business.  The spaces that are rented out by co-workers foster a sense of collaboration, openness and accessibility.

The benefits of Co-working are several:

Co-working allows professionals the flexibility of a short-term monthly price or in some cases just a daily fee.  This benefit alleviates workers feeling tied to a desk or certain office.  If two workers’ personalities don’t mesh, they can normally find another desk area to work.

Another benefit is that co-workers can keep fresh by being able to move freely between their home space and their working space.  The co working style offers a chance to shift up routines which is often seen as a valuable activity in the creative process.

The first step is to find a space suitable for co-working.  There is a growing trend in spaces being developed throughout the world.

Where to find Co-working spaces?

Worldwide Co-working map of locations

Co-working spaces in the Western United States
Co-working spaces in the Eastern United States
Co-working spaces in the Central United States
Co-working spaces in the Southern United States
Co-working spaces in the Hawaii
Co-working spaces in the Alaska

Co-working spaces in Canada

Co-working spaces in the Europe

How do I get connected to Co-working?

Co-working groups on Linkedin and Google groups

Co-working Stream on Twitter

Co-working Wiki

Some Top Co-working blogsIndyHall, ThinkSpace, Loose Cubes,  The Cube London

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