Search Marketing Life Profiles

This is the first of a series of SEO/SEM life profiles that will I be posting.

Since I arrived at the name for this blog, “Search Marketing Life”, the essence of what I wanted to achieve was to help small business owners better understand the rapidly developing field of search engine marketing. Since I was spending more time training, consulting and advising new practices of marketing it seemed appropriate to add this information as a resource online. After all it is hard to bring a business owner up to speed to make an informed decision on internet marketing with just a couple of meetings.

Small business owners have to have enough of a working knowledge of most endeavors in their business in order to make an intelligent decision, especially when calculating risk. Most decisions carry risk, some greater some lesser. So when it comes to hiring a consultant, agency or In House Search Marketer, the business owner has to have an understand of several things in order to build his Search Marketing program, and a program it is.

A great way to do this is to have a look at the profiles of some online marketers, their education, business experience and their evolution in search marketing.

The people in my industry, I have discovered, seem to come from a wide range of backgrounds.I have noticed that they seem to have several things in common…so far; a passion for this new art/science, a conceptual and analytical ability and finally a creative bent.

So in an effort to make sense to you small and large businesses navigating the field of search marketing, I have done some exploring online and found several interviews and personality profiles.

During the next year I will be adding more of this research to SML to provide background as to how to hire a search marketing adviser, marketing agency or In House SEM.

The first SEO interview I liked was with Baron Ginnetti, Director of SEO & Content Distribution for This interview by Jessica Bowman shines some light on what to consider when choosing a person to be your In House SEO Strategist, Team Director or Link builder.

Please let me know your comments and questions on whether you found this resource helpful. Cheers. C

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