Using Your Website to Build Business

I quite often hear from people, that infamous saying,“my website does nothing for me.” My answer in much nicer terms usually is… did you expect that your website was going to be an automated business development machine that you just put into place and WOW like Vince from “SHAM WOW infomercial” , you just started getting more business. Or my favorite the SLAP CHOP! This guy is a Gremlin! He is everywhere! TV, Tradeshows, Stores and more I suspect. His site is not even well optimized because it is loaded with pictures.

My point; with all the site competition going online daily by the thousands from Orlando to Beijing, you need to do regular sales and marketing activities to drive traffic back to your website where of course you have a call to action landing page to enable people to take action and buy your product or service or simply sign up for more information and build your prospect database. You are in the driver’s seat with all sorts of possibilities to steer people back to your website where they can purchase at 12 midnight if they want.

So not to make this too long….Guess what the internet marketing benefit, at this moment and ongoing is to VINCE and SHAM WOW? I just gave him 2 back links which is one of the top ways Google evaluates site quality and worth for placement in their search engines. And why; because the guy made a connection off line (in other words we laughed our asses off) which caused me to check out his site. You’re asking: Did I buy a Slap Chop? No, not yet! But I did notice one on my Mom’s counter the other day.

Finally, this guy not only got back links but positive mention in the QuestSocial Blog which will be seen, eventually, by thousands of QuestSocial members who search the site for Marketing information. Take a tip from Vince; doing your work offline building your name or brand can have a multiplying impact online for your business!

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