How to: Start, Plan and Measure Social Media

Since there is a lot of talk about social media these days I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the top articles on the subject. Do’s and don’ts, analytics and key factors are all important, yet the bottom line question is whether there is any ROI – Return on Investment. My readings indicate that social media development is very individual and certainly different between industries.

For many companies currently, the scope of social media development is best kept to the main stream basic’s. i.e Facebook Linkedin and Twitter. If you are an early adopter then you may want to expand this list,” in your spare time”. However in many industries the ROI is either too long, or has not yet been determined. In a significant way that is. While there are many people working diligently at finding appropriate ROI metrics it is still too early to tell whether it is worth spending the time to build and maintain a social media momentum.

For independent contractors and branders and the self employed there seems to be some real ROI. Meaning – conversions – new business. For writers, blogger’s and such my research shows some good stuff. For the guy or gal that owns the tile business, the distribution company or the brick and mortar retail shop I haven’t seen the returns. Yet if ROI is measured in good will and PR and online presence then I would say then sure I see some evidence of ROI.

Here is a list of some articles that may help tighten up your approach to social media as part of building the over all search engine marketing mix, for your business.

About Getting Started
40 Key Elements to Getting Started in Social Media
by Louis Gray

About Planning
How to Create Measurable Objectives
by Altitude Branding

About Strategy
Two Approaches: Shotgun vs. Laser
by Web Strategist

About Small Biz
Why Small is the New Big in Social Media Marketing
by Jonathan Fields

About Hiring
Hiring for Social Media: What I’d Look For
by Altitude Branding

About Measurement
Social Media: Who Can Show Us the Real Value?
by Econsultancy

About Time
Social Media Tips for Optimizing Time Spent by Marketers
by Online Marketing Blog

About Expectations
The Hardest Things to Teach Your Clients About Social Media Marketing
by 10e20

If you can spare a few moments let me know what industry or market you are in and whether you are finding it a worth while investment of your “business time”.

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