Building Business the New Media Way

What are your new business social media Marketing Strategies?

Clearly these days there are many ways to take action for building business; some are more proactive and some passive.

With the immense amount of new information available to us today, it seems that the decision-sales cycle has gotten longer. Why,.. perhaps for the need to get all the information before moving ahead with a decision.

The days of the sales guy just making the phone call is becoming much more expensive for businesses. It takes time to make sales calls. While it may be the most direct way to build business… is it the most effective way today to build relationships and business?

Perhaps it is now most effective to meet in person, and solidify relationship foundations, once initial connections have been made through one of the many new search marketing vehicles.

I hear a lot of people in business, small and enterprise level, discount Twitter for its ability to drive sales. Well maybe it’s because the scope of how Twitter is used needs to be thought of in a broader sense.

Allocating time and a strategy with other search marketing choices may be needed to help your audience/target market, reach the excellent service, products or resources you offer!

In other words, from the viewpoint of the open source model, what are you working on and how can I help you move forward? Instead of just looking at the immediate solution people are looking for great value first or as Seth Godin might say the Free Prize inside!

Big businesses with larger overhead may want results immediately. But instead of management expecting that new marketing work like the “old sales call system” they might be better off rallying more diligently around new marketing to discover a short-term and long-term game plan that will yield foundations for new business; Foundations that use new media and marketing tools that will be platforms for in-person meetings and discussions.

As an example, an accountant friend of mine is in the first spot on the first page of Google for a competitive and relevant keyword search term. He does not participate in social media or any of the new search marketing ways. Results = “0” leads, “ 0” calls. What can this tell us?

Clearly, just ranking in Google is not doing it for his business. Most of his business is generated from word of mouth, old school. My question is, by being more involved in search marketing and social media, could he perhaps build more relationships and more word of mouth, and possibly more business?

What do you think? Let me know your experience with social media marketing and if it has helped you build more business.

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