Happiness Research

A short list of top Happiness Researcher Videos

In this age of technology, robotics and AI, I think its important to spend at minimum an equal amount time on looking at personal wellness and how all this new innovation is affecting us. For some reason lately a lot of research has been popping up in my social networks on happiness. Maybe its just because I have been thinking about it more and thus noticing it more. I think this is an important topic for anyones wellness. Check out these videos you may be surprised on what you find or maybe its exactly how you think.

Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment

The Surprising Science behind Happiness

The Habits of Happiest

A couple more to balance out the list.

Want to be happy? Be grateful

A new era of positive psychology.

If you have any videos or links of your own you think worth sharing please let me know.

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