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I find I am having a lot of conversations these days about cutting costs to the bone. People are giving up a lot of personal conveniences and little luxuries (like the morning latte) to save money.

I’m finding, with businesses especially, the smaller companies and self employed individuals; want more control over their costs.

Business owners as a rule have a lot to juggle; sales, marketing, purchasing, overhead and more. They need to have a basic working knowledge of how these systems work in order to know whether they are working correctly, or if the person in charge is doing a good job.

One persistent theme though, is increasing sales and maintaining or lowering costs.

Thus my point, website development, maintenance and the ongoing marketing to make this new medium work is a perplexing decision for most business owners. There are just too many options to get a handle on the ongoing development of a website and Internet marketing. I have been doing this for 10 years, and getting to understand the “nerd department” (I have become a bit of that myself) and there culture has been a challenge to say the least. Heck, my background is marketing and economics. So there in lies the difference.

To get a handle on your new marketing program you have two clear options: either try and understand this new culture yourself in order to hire the right Website and Internet Marketing company; Or, work with an in house staff member and train them to mange your web and marketing program.

The tools are now available to manage the output and costs economically in house without having to be a web developer or Internet Marketing expert.

You can now take charge of your web program and have a very sophisticated business website to build business. This program is used by small startups to large multi national corporations.

For more information on how you can take charge of your web program call 386-690-1800 or email info(at) Cheers

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