In House web development for small business

Can you build a professional website and manage your own SEO in house?

Yes. I can say this because of the great free enterprise system we live in. There are those that believe that information should be available and not controlled by large software corporations. Mentioning no names here! The small guy should have a chance especially since the small bootstrap startups in this country are the very ones that take the risk to create the good ideas. So, they need a break – thus open source technology and content management systems. Used by multinational corporations and small business alike. Open source is freely available for use by the General Public under the (GNU) General Public License. Great technology built by smart people donating their talents from around the world.
So do not delay. The site builder website that you have through one of those mass market hosting companies will not do your time justice. Plus you don’t really own it and it will never have the professional reach that most people really want.
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