Web Analytics. Getting started is worth your time.

Are you keeping up with your SEO?

I was reviewing some of our sites the other day and realized it had been some time since I had looked at our stats. Woooowww!, was my first thought when I went into Google web master tools and saw that I had a bunch of crawl errors; pages not found etc. I knew that the reason was because I had been making a bunch of changes in the site…but so many? Like the carpenter with the broken door I sometimes lapse in my own SEO maintenance duties. These are all easy fixes. If you can read you can figure this out. Most of it really comes down to doing it. Most SEO is not complicated. It just takes time, and that’s why SEO and SEM firms charge Big $$$ for this and other services like link building.

Getting back to analytics; it’s well worth your time to go into Google web tools or into some of the other many, free tools offer by SEO companies and know some of your basic analytics. The benefits are sound. You can see such things as who is visiting your site; How many people are linking to you and much more. By doing web analytics you gain insight into who are your viewers. This may ultimately lead you to
reevaluating your key word strategy. Because the bottom line is, if you are not getting the right viewers, how are you going to possibly build business through this great internet marketing vehicle, your website. Therefore if you want to build ROI , have a look at your SEO and search engine marketing stats and see if they make sense with your over all business objective… and are they working for you.

eMediaWright Blog has a lot of free tools links to help you build your SEO In House. However if you want to get fast tracked we can help you set up an SEO and SEM strategy and action plan.

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