22 Top Domain Research Sites

If your interested in SEO for your business site then one key strategy is domain name selection.

Below are some Top domain sites you can use to do a good search, buy, sell, research, auction or monitor of domain names. Plus you can find FREE tools to help you build your Domain name strategy and action plan.

Your domain name is an investment. If your going to spend a bunch of time & money building and marketing a website, it makes sound sense to start your internet strategy right with the selection of a good domain name!

For in depth information about domains see Frank Schilling’s Blog. Seven Mile.com He is a recognized leader in the domaining field.

DNJournal – Ron Jackson – A Domain Industry New Magazine

The Domains – A blog about domain auctions shows, tools and more.

Domain Name Wire – A news source on domain sales, registrars, and more.

Domain News – News events closing auctions and more.

Domain Name News – The latest up to the minute news on Domain

Rick Schwartz’s Blog – A domain and Traffic Blog

WhizzbangsBlog – Michael Gilmour – A domain name owners resource

Elliot’s Blog – voted best Domain Blog, and Best Domain Blog Community.

Domain Name Tools Blog -Domain Tools Blog

DNS Stuff – Free Domain check tool – takes about 5 seconds

Pool.com – Buy and sell Domains

Enom.com – The number 1 domain reseller registrar

Snap Names – Domain Auctions and lists

DNHeadlines.com – Domain names news blogs, SEO and more

ICANN -A Non-profit dedicated to keeping the Internet secure and stable.

DN Forum– Buy, Sell and discuss domains.

Name Pros – Forums and market place for domain names

Domain State – A discussion forum on Domains.

Daily Changes – Daily domain name statistics.

BetterWhoIs.com –  Find out who owns that Domain name.

Domain Tools – Lots of Domain analysis and tracking tools.

Domaining.com – On monetizing and selling domain names

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