New Sales and Marketing Office

The new Grimmster sales and marketing office set up went pretty smoothly. Below are a few pictures of before and after. Things will again change more I am sure as we more clearly define an effective use.

The color was originally gold and the front window had to have a glass etched clown removed which gave us the creeps. All in all we got moved in within a couple three weeks with little hassles and no spilled paint.


The high tech office plan!


The basic setup as it is Now- It will look much different in a few months once everyone is situated.


Moving into a new office is a little bit like doing a business startup. While there is a lot of things you can plan and budget for there will always be new things to learn along the way with a new environment. New neighbors, new systems, new rules, oh yes, and new things to spend money on. Most of our furniture we got at Ikea.

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