8 Options for 3D Printing Your Design

While there are many 3D print services today with many more coming into the market everyday, here is a short list of more well know 3D print companies that can print your project.

Your Local Library – Yes believe it or not many businesses are getting into this new arena including you local library. Many offer added services to the maker community, including free or low-cost 3D printing for people who have items they need printed or want to design and print their own items but either don’t want to or don’t have the option to join a makerspace.

Shapeways – Shapeways has been around for sometime and is a bit of a leader with 3D printing. You can use their design services to customize your projects and have them printed to your specifications. If you have a schematic or model you want printed, getting it done is as simple as uploading the file, choosing your material, and paying for it, but if you’re new to the process, the service offers a great introduction that doesn’t require anything special to get started.

Here are a few more:

Sculpteo: From concept model to functional assembly Sculpteo can 3D print your project in 3 days.

iMaterialise – A 3D printing service that offers a variety of materials, finishes, pricing and technical advise.

Ponoko – Tout them selves as being the easiest online 3D printing service available.

MakeXYZ – Links people who need something made with 3D printers and CAD designers in their neighborhoods.

3D Hubs – Like it sounds. These guys connect you to 3D print services in your area

Stratasys Direct – is a custom manufacturing company engaged in engineering, manufacturing, production, and prototyping.

If you have a 3D service you like that offers top quality, great service and great price let us know so we can pass the information on to our community.



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