Licensing Expo 2015

Charles-Grimm-Licensing-ExpoThe Grimmster Outdoor Robotics booth at the licensing Expo in Las Vegas. This was the first time attending this show with an objective of meeting possible partner/ investors candidates. The results were: we met quite a few people and got a strong response on our new drone designs. We met several investors/private equity types but ultimately no real fit for us.

The designs on the table were all 3D printed in Florida before the show. Since the design concept is Modular we were able to bring them out in pieces and easily assemble right at the table. The table shows the MODi to the far left, The MODv in the middle and the MODo to the right. Everything worked to plan accept for a unanticipated common issue of PLA (a thermoplastic) , which I will show you in the next post.


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