Common 3D Printing Issues using PLA

While in Las Vegas at the licensing Expo things were moving along nicely until I discovered a common issue when using PLA – It can warp. The crazy thing is everything was fine when we printed and did a pre assembly in Orlando. However – the show was in Nevada in the summer. Had I anticipated the effect of the heat and dry air then I may have been able to prevent this, >


I had been attending a 3 conference before the show and transported the products in my suitcase in the trunk of the car, (not air conditioned) So needless to say when I pulled them out at the end of the day – wow


Amazingly enough with a couple of quick trips to home depot and some hobby shops I was able to the find the right millimeter screws I needed to retrofit and essentially force fit the design building a configuration. The Arms for the MODo were completely shot thus I ended showing a shortened version of this design which it turns out got more compliments than the other two products. So it ended up being a good thing as I discovered a new potentially marketable design idea.


If you are using a 3D printer for prototyping and finding print issues, let us know at

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