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  • 3 Simple Lifestyle Changes that can make you much Healthier
    Tips to become healthier with these simple lifestyle changes. 1. Eat Real Food, 2. Regular Exercise, 3. Stress Management What is the meaning of being healthy? A joyful, happy life can only be lived in a healthy body and mind. Health is a treasure above all. Good health is being vigorous or free from bodily …

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  • CBD vs THC: What’s the Difference?
    THC is psychoactive and affects the mind, CBD affects the body and is not psychoactive. The Technical Description: One of more than 100 distinct “cannabinoid” substances that can be found in the oily resin of the cannabis plant is cannabidiol (CBD). The tightly packed clusters of cannabis blossoms, also known as “buds,” are coated in …

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  • Do you have TMS? – Tension Myositis syndrome 
    What is Tension Myositis syndrome? Tension myositis syndrome abbreviated as TMS [1], also known as tension myoneural syndrome is a concept developed by Dr. John E. Sarno. It is a psychosomatic pain [2] syndrome that is characterized by pain symptoms in muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments of mostly the neck and the back [3][4][5]. This …

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  • Is traveling beneficial for good relationships?
    Why traveling is beneficial for healthy relationships? Nowadays, with overwhelming schedules where you have to focus on building a career with an increasing workload, it is getting hard to give your family enough time. Nevertheless, no matter how stuck you are in your work, a respite in the form of a vacation is never a …

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  • Organic Food for your Mental Health
    Organic Food and Mental Health These days, workplaces are more fast-paced and competitive. So, these environments become much more hectic for everyday people, who need some more mental rest in the process. That being said, mental health is being encouraged more and more in today’s society as people become more away from its necessity. That’s …

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  • How gardening helps fight depression
    Being outdoors and gardening can lift your spirits Enjoying the outdoors, spending time as often as you can to keep yourself around nature and its inhabitants is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s why so many people take up gardening as a hobby. But what would surprise you is that science agrees that gardening’s good …

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  • Benefits of Meditation 10 Minutes a Day
    How just 10 minutes of meditation a day can make a difference The last year has been a tumultuous one for many, if not all of us. Lockdowns, job losses, sickness, it’s all been a stressful time. So, it’s no surprise that more people are taking up meditation in their daily schedule, even if it’s …

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  • 11 Most Popular Online Tools Used by Digital Entrepreneurs
    If you are building a business, odds are you’re searching for approaches to get your decisive advantage over the opposition. You’ll require a proper showcasing methodology and admittance to the best advanced promoting apparatuses to achieve this. In this post, I diagram the 11 most popular online tools used by digital entrepreneurs.  1. MailChimp MailChimp claims …

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  • The Health Benefits of Forest Bathing
    The healing effects of nature.  Forest bathing is a well-being movement that’s taking over the world! You can now relax, link with nature, and improve your health with the scientifically proven assistance of forest bathing. In search of a way to slow down? How about feeling the sights, hums, and sensation of a forest, taking …

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  • Digital Entrepreneurship vs Employment
    Entrepreneurship, simply termed, is self-employment. However, because of rising technological advancements, digital entrepreneurialism has become very common. It is the same entrepreneurial approach but on different digital platforms. Reliance on digital media and IT are key in this domain. On the other hand, the most common alternative to entrepreneurship is employment. As opposed to creating …

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  • Health Benefits of watching slow TV
    Slow TV…  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the like have all been keeping us preoccupied during troublesome lockdowns across the globe. We can’t deny that TV has been a life-saver through these troubling times for many people. That said, they’re still not a replacement for real-life experiences, most of which we can’t enjoy when we’re forced …

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  • The Best Foods to Eat for Healing Arthritis
    To stay healthy, the kind of food you eat is everything. It’s a given that diet can influence your wellbeing—for better or for worse. So, specialists have taken a look at diets corresponding to wellbeing and prosperity for quite a long time. Eating routines wealthy in plant-based food varieties aren’t just extraordinary for general wellbeing. …

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  • How to keep yourself fit and active while working at home
    With the ongoing pandemic, working from home has become the norm for most people. While the comfort is something everyone’s been looking forward to, the complacency that follows a monotonous at-home routine isn’t as exciting. People tend to get lax with their fitness regimens when they’re stuck at home or in lockdown. Well, whether you’re …

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  • CBD and Alcohol Together – What Happens
    Cannabidiol is a compound that can be found naturally in the cannabis plant. CBD is different than THC which is the active ingredient in cannabis, where it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties or high effect associated with marijuana use. CBD Cocktails and CBD Infused Beer It has recently gained popularity in the health and wellness …

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  • Nature Relaxation Videos from around the Globe
    5 Aerial Relaxation Videos to Destress If your feeling a little too confined by being indoors these days and want to feel the connection and relaxation of being outdoors in nature then take a look at these drone aerial, nature relaxation videos done by Omnihour and Nature Relaxation Films. These hour long videos show stunning …

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  • CBD and Sleep
    With all the health benefits related to CBD, Can it really help sleep? Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is one of the main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants; those cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which helps your body reach a state of balance and stability. Tetra hydro cannabinol also known …

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  • The Value Of Hemp
    …and Why it’s going to Change Industries! The hemp industry is booming! That’s true; actually in 2019 the global hemp industry is estimated at around 4.6 Billion USD, and it is forecasted to reach 26.6 Billion USD in 2025 achieving a CAGR% of 34% annual growth. Asia Pacific accounted for the largest market share in …

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  • Precision Agriculture for Hemp
    Farmers are hidden managers, and agriculture is one of the oldest professions in the world, yet innovation has got its way to agriculture and has helped big time develop that industry. What is Precision agriculture? Precision agriculture (PA), also known as satellite farming, site specific crop management (SSCM) or precision farming, is a concept of …

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  • Tips for buying CBD
    Whether you are new to CBD or you are willing to make a try at using CBD, you should do your research first. Not all CBD available for you to buy is the best choice for you, and if it is good it may not be the best option available when it comes to price. …

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  • CBD Science – Why it’s Working
    Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid, is beginning to become extremely popular in health media. New health claims like “Add CBD to your post-workout smoothie to reduce inflammation” and “Add CBD to your morning coffee to treat anxiety” are becoming increasingly more common. Conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, seizures, schizophrenia, insomnia and epilepsy are rumoured to …

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  • My go-to ways to get more off the beaten track while traveling
    Maecenas pharetra risus sit amet gravida fermentum. Mauris vitae magna maximus, tempus neque ac, feugiat velit. Etiam a enim nec quam fringilla cursus. In porttitor elit mi, at tempor lorem fringilla vitae. Proin in egestas purus. Cras vestibulum efficitur tempor. Morbi magna nisl, sollicitudin nec quam in, tempor convallis dolor. Nullam eu urna magna. Suspendisse …

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  • 13 Fitness Apps for 2019
    Great All Round Health and Fitness Apps… Starting a fitness habit for 2019 then have a look at some of these Apps to help you get going and stay going. We had a look at a range of health and fitness apps from mental health to weight loss to performance and chose our 13 All …

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  • What is a VTOL Drone
    Vertical Take Off and Landing Drones VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and HTOL (horizontal take-off and landing) are the two primary ways for aircrafts to produce lift, often incorporated in helicopters and airplanes respectively. In the world of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems), VTOL is more recognized as the default and most preferred method of lift …

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  • From Drones to Flying Cars
    Personal Aircrafts: A Realistic Future During this age of technology, Drone (UAS) systems are familiar across most developed countries. Drones have become a more familiar tool and are even accessible at the local tech store. They are extremely common now, and are regularly used for photography, film, and mapping. However, recent developments are proving that …

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  • Drone Traffic Guidelines
    Drone and UAS Traffic Management With increased UAS activity, it is important to think about safety in the skies. NASA began its research into UAS traffic management system operations (UTM) to enable low altitude civilian aircraft flight, as well as commercial surveillance. Currently there is no established guidelines for drone traffic, but NASA predicts that …

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  • Drones in Architecture
    Drones in architecture is becoming increasingly valuable. Architects are using drones to give a better perspective to building projects. Here in this example is Urban Rigger with the latest in affordable student housing. These are floating neighborhoods on city canals made from shipping containers.  
  • Entrepreneurship vs Innovator
    This article highlights the difference between entrepreneurship and being an innovator. Steve Blank also briefly describes in this video what he believes is real entrepreneurship. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter or Linkedin.
  • How New Mexico companies use drones to cut costs and increase efficiency
    Humans have long been the go-to source of plotting land for things like construction sites. But drone technology is quickly changing that. Charles Grimm, president of Albuquerque-based companies Outdoor Robotics and Grimmster Technologies, said one use for drones reigns supreme. “Essentially mapping is … really where most of the R.O.I. [return on investment] is with …

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  • Lidar vs Photogrammetry – Is one better than the other?
    What is LiDAR? LiDAR is short for “Light Detection and Ranging” and is a sensor that uses pulses of light (non- visible wavelengths at about 1550 nm and 1064 nm) to determine the distance between the sensor and the object. These pulses are sent out rapidly (up to about 150.000 pulses per second) and “bounce” …

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  • GIS Explained – Terms and Definitions
    Below are a 5 resources that will help you quickly get to and understand GIS terms and definitions. ESRI – Geographic Science, GIS Software Development, and Data Analytics GIS Geography – A website about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geography. GIS Lounge – An information portal primarily relating to the field of geographic information systems. Open …

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  • Big List of Photogrammetry Software for 3D Modeling
    When it comes to UAS Photogrammetry software, there are lots of options. Here is our BIG LIST telling what these different programs can do. But you will probably want to try them out for yourself. Here are a few of our Top Choices. Regard 3D What it can do: Meshing, Point Clouds Import Types: Photo …

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  • Aerial Video
    Video with or without music can make a big difference… maybe good or not so. This article shows the contrast from the aerial photos in the previous post to video with and with out audio. Photos are great and be quite creative but they are static. With video and video/audio you get a chance to …

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  • Aerial Photography
    What is the real value of real estate aerial images and video marketing? We lived in this small beach town for many years and found that while most people get used to their surroundings you can get an entirely different perspective when you look at a place from a different view point. These are a …

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  • Happiness Research
    A short list of top Happiness Researcher Videos In this age of technology, robotics and AI, I think its important to spend at minimum an equal amount time on looking at personal wellness and how all this new innovation is affecting us. For some reason lately a lot of research has been popping up in …

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  • Self-Flying Drones and Wind Turbine Blades: The New Way of Collecting Data
    Collecting wind farm data can be tricky. Climbing up to wind turbine blades to inspect them for damage can be dangerous and time-consuming. Once up there, some inspectors rely only on a cell phone camera to snap pictures of any problems. The inspection process of an entire field can take months. Fortunately, advancements in drone …

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  • 4 Ways Drones are helping Engineers in Construction
    Drones are gaining momentum in the engineering world with capabilities that enable better and more accurate data for civil engineers and workers in the field. This article explores some of the ways drones can be helpful in road engineering. 1. Ground mapping For a road designer (transport engineer) any new project starts by digging into …

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  • Outdoor Robotics is Growing
    Check out the recent infographic Himani Lohani did on the most recent Outdoor Robotics Stats for 2017. You can read more about Outdoor Robotics news here.
  • 5 ways drones can be used in the Oil and Gas industry
    So what humans can’t fly, (yet) they can design machines to do the job for them. While there is a widespread debate on how drones can be invasive to human privacy, here are five ways drones can be instrumental in one of the leading industries in the world- Oil & Gas. Sniffing Gas leaks Methane …

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  • The Law of Attraction and How to Make Friends
    I have a favorite expression if you want the love give the love first. It’s fairly simple premise really and follows “The law of attraction which is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts …

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  • The Drone Industry and Startups
    Not exactly a jazzy title but this short bunch of words is about the basics of startups and after reading the article, “The Drone Industry, False or Failing or Both.” I thought it was worth talking about some old fashion basics. This article brings into light what steady startups, bootstrap company’s and self funders like …

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  • Mapping Camera Gimbal
    In order to get a secure and functional mount for the MicaSense Red Edge we designed a 2 Universal Mapping camera gimbals and 3 brackets. Below is a short video of a Micasense Red Edge mapping camera mounted onto a universal servo gimbal on the outdoor robotics HoverCat V100 Quadcopter. These photos shows the Micasense Red …

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  • The Flying Car
    It looks like personal flight innovation has arrived. I think we better get moving on the Outdoor Robotics Personal Hover Vehicle.
  • Electric Scooter and Bike Design
    Bike Innovation Check out these cool urban rides by Airwheel. Portable lite transportation.
  • 8 Ultimate Guides for Building an Ecommerce Business
    Getting started in any business can be daunting but fortunately in this new era of technology there has been a lot written and shared on the topic of ecommerce. You no longer have to go out and rent and office and get stationary hire staff and so on to get going. So I will get …

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  • Drone Use On the Rise Across Photography Industry
    A post in SUAS New says recent data released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that drone sales will grow from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020. Additionally, the organization projects that sales of drones intended for commercial use will more than quadruple from 600,000 this year to 2.7 million in …

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  • FAA releases Small UAS Rule
    News from SUAS News The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has finalized the first operational rules (PDF) for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or “drones”), opening pathways towards fully integrating UAS into the nation’s airspace…. According to industry estimates, the rule could generate more than $82 billion for the U.S. economy and …

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  • Lake Harris in Spring
    Long Dock in Hickory Park recreation area. This photo was taken late afternoon when the light was starting to fade. The camera used was a Sony 6000A.
  • St Patricks Day – Corn Beef Brisket
    Maria prepared some real food – corn beef brisket for St Patricks Day. This is lean dish with lots of vegetables.
  • Drone Racing
    This small quad copter in mid flight during a drone race in Central Florida. A quick image of just some of the technology and organization that goes into one of these events.  
  • FPV Drone Racing Rig
    This is brother Larry’s FPV Drone racing rig. It was especially useful this year while attending the CFL FPV drone racing event in February. Its a Winnebago!. A lot different than the Winnebagos I used to see growing up.
  • Nature Photography Everywhere you go.
    Minnesota Country Road in January Along stretch of birch trees gives an opportunity to photography a typical winter scene in Minnesota. Maria and I were cruising along this country road in January and stopped to take a quick leg stretch and snapped a few photos. We were on our way to Duluth and was in …

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  • The Top Must do Listings for Local Marketing
    Why is it important to be listed in local directories. Here are 3 reasons: Approximately 3 billion search queries contain local terms every month. (Source:comScore) 70% of online searchers will use local search to find offline businesses. (Source: Kelsey Group) 30% of Google searches are for local information. (Source: HubSpot via Google) 50 Online Local …

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  • 3D Printing small parts
    This is a picture of a FPV (first person view) Antenna Bracket we printed for a racing drone we were working on. Designing and printing small parts makes it a lot simpler easier to get a prototype together. Quick small part designs and prints also let you experiment with colors before going on to do …

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  • A Beginners Mind
    I was reminded again the other day of a saying I read years ago – ” Shoshin – is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind“. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner …

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  • Common 3D Printing Issues using PLA
    While in Las Vegas at the licensing Expo things were moving along nicely until I discovered a common issue when using PLA – It can warp. The crazy thing is everything was fine when we printed and did a pre assembly in Orlando. However – the show was in Nevada in the summer. Had I …

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  • Licensing Expo 2015
    The Grimmster Outdoor Robotics booth at the licensing Expo in Las Vegas. This was the first time attending this show with an objective of meeting possible partner/ investors candidates. The results were: we met quite a few people and got a strong response on our new drone designs. We met several investors/private equity types but ultimately …

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  • 8 Options for 3D Printing Your Design
    While there are many 3D print services today with many more coming into the market everyday, here is a short list of more well know 3D print companies that can print your project. Your Local Library – Yes believe it or not many businesses are getting into this new arena including you local library. Many offer …

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  • Adventurists – The Ice Run
    Just to keep things real and fun here is a bit from The Adventurists. Since we are now inundated with technology and connectedness I will be posting from time to time some adventure bits of all sorts that use technology actively for worthy purposes. Its more fun than just sitting behind a computer or checking …

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  • Florida Angel Investor List
    Angel Investors are often the first place many entrpreneurs start when setting out to get a new idea off the ground, into a proof of concept stage. There may be a couple of rounds of seed necessary before going into an A round of venture capital. “An angel investor or angel (also known as a …

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  • 5 Best Startup Conferences for Entrepreneurs
    For entrepreneurs there are literally thousands of conferences and expos out in “the marketing world” and many more starting monthly. It can be daunting research alone to choose the right conference to attend. If you are an entrepreneur interested in doing a new launch, a capital guy researching new startups to invest in or simply …

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  • Web Development Terms
    If it’s your first time into the Web development or the E-Business world, you may become overwhelmed by all of the acronyms and buzz words. XHTML, Plugins, Nginx, GPL, Widgets… The list goes on and is still growing, as many products are being created, new technologies are being developed, concepts and terms are being crafted. …

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  • HTML5 Semantic Tags: In search for meaning
    Let’s suppose today we are having a home architecture 101 class and I’m going to ask you some questions, then think about the first word that comes to your mind. What place is used for sleeping? When you take a shower where do you go? Where can we find a dinning table? Probably you answered: …

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  • How to Set Up Your Own Web Server
    Ok, so you already decided which CMS platform to use for your website project, and created an account in a free web host. You are blogging, changing themes and templates, adding plugins/widgets for your website and now you are the webmaster! Have you ever wondered what would be the next step in the web management? …

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  • Designing for Simplicity
    When designing and opening up the creative process things can become more complex as ideas are generated. John Maeda talks about the importance of paring to the basics.
  • How to get your IDEAs to spread
    New age marketing guru Seth Godin talks about how to get your idea to spread – It does seem to matter whether it is bad or bizarre – just make sure it isn’t boring. We thought we would help him spread the IDEA of spreading IDEAs.
  • Usability – UX
    Understanding usability is important when designing for a quality, purposeful web and mobile experience. “User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.  It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. UX best …

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  • Making it a Habit of Improving Your E-Store
    I’m not a psychologist, but I do believe human behavior is made of habits. It’s one of mine go every morning to a bakery next to my home and buy fresh bread. At this bakery, I can exercise one more habit I have: To watch other people habits! And something that I’ve noticed in this …

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  • Module Drone Launch – Surf Expo Fall Show 2014
    The Surf Expo Booth being held down by Maria, Nick and James. We had a great show and much thanks to the whole Outdoor robotics Team who pulled everything together. We had a tremendous new dealer and pre order interest of the new MOD4 module drone which we will be now working out manufacturing, distribution …

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  • Modulus 4 – Module Drone
    Having seen some of the previous design and protoype work form the previous post, here is the final version of the MOD4 module drone design before going to the Fall Surf and Lifestyle Expo. This is has a 25 mm tube diameter with 17 inch motor to motor center frame dimensions. So, because we were …

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  • Drone 3D Design and Print
    In the process of designing the Modulus Drone there many… many chnages to the frame construction along with many prototype misprints as we tried to figure out the correct measurements for the V frame joints. The print below is just one of the rear joint designs we tried to get the correct angle to strength …

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  • July4th Barbeque
    I take lots of food pictures especially of Maria’s cooking because it tastes so darn good. Maria prepared some a few skewers for the barbie. Chicken, Shrimp and Veggies! And Voila the post hast result including mixed wild rice and chibata rolls. I could put a lot more shots in here on food but then …

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  • First Modular Drone Prototype
    In our pursuit to create a truly purposeful and marketable drone for the average person we tried to answer many of the unanswered questions that we received during the first Surf Expo we attended in January 2014. One of the primary concerns was ; how does the average person fix one of these multirotors once …

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  • New Mexico
    Maria and I went took a short trip to New Mexico to visit Maki Mom and Richard. Lots of travelling in those few days. We drove up through the Jemez Mountains over to Los Alamo’s and back down through Santa Fe. The following day we went up to Taos…what a blast! It was also partly …

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  • 3D Printing Conference
    The 3D printing conference in New York was interesting, There was a lot of talk of future possibles in the food and medical industries but it appeared that 3D printing was going to soon make innovation inroads to most industries.
  • FPV Equipment Testing
    Brother Lawrence and I were out testing the FPV (First Person View) equipment before an upcoming Demo to Homeland Security with our Outdoor Robotics Commercial UAV’s. Lawrence with FPV goggles fine tuning the HoverCat Quad Copter
  • Make it Rain – Creating Animated Rain in Photoshop Part 2
    Welcome back to part two of my three part animation blog series. If you were following along with part one, let me know how it went for you by leaving your comment in the comments section. Let’s jump right into part two and start animating! Open up Photoshop and open your save file from last …

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  • Making a Vacuum forming Machine
    I started working on building a Vacuum Forming Machine so that we could build some interesting covers for new drone prototypes we are working on at Grimmster Outdoor Robotics. Below are the first few steps (photos) showing the build of an 18 x 18 inch vacuum former made from MDF and 3/4 inch pine. Step …

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  • Creating a video using final cut – Part 3 – Adding effects
    Last time we talked about making simple cuts and creating a basic timeline out of footage you have. But sometimes you have footage that you want to change something like the color or the way it appears on the screen. Final cut has an extensive list of effects built into it. By using these on …

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  • Creating a video with Final cut pro
    Creating a video in Final Cut Pro for your first time can seem like a daunting task so, I’d like to share some of my basic experience with you. After you’ve opened Final Cut Pro you will want to do is import the footage you would like to edit. Go to FIle>Import>Media. What you import …

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  • Creating a video using Final Cut – Part 2 Editing
    Editing can be a monotonous process, this is true. But, allowing yourself to flexible and keeping in mind some basic fundamentals you can really make the most of what you have. Walter Murch helped edit a million feet of celluloid film for “Apocalypse Now” he also wrote a book on the subject of film editing …

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  • Surf Expo 2014 – Wrap Up
    The surf expo was awesome! We just finished wrapping up and not only did the whole team have a lot of fun attending the show, but we also spoke to a lot of people. The response to Grimmster Outdoor Robotics was great and a lot of people are excited about becoming Outdoor Robotics Dealers. We …

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  • Outdoor Robotics at Surf Expo 2014
    The January 2014 Surf Expo was awesome. We didn’t really know what to expect doing a Global Lifestyle and Surf Tradeshow. When we talked to the show organizers they were excited and placed us right in front of the Massive GoPro booth. As a result of being in that row we got a ton of …

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  • Volcom Surf Contest
    The Grimmster team was out in full force at the Volcom Surf contest held in New Smyrna Beach on December 7th, 2013. Check out the video below to see the official Grimmster Aerial Video of the Volcom Surf Contest.
  • Surf Expo
    The Grimmster team will be attending the 50th annual Surf Expo in Orlando, FL this upcoming January. The whole team is pumped about this show since we’ll be debuting our brand new product line! The Surf Expo is the longest running and largest boardsports and beach/resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world. At this show alone …

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  • Aerial Filming of Surfing
    Aerial Filming of the Volcom Surf Contest The Volcom Surf contest in New Smyrna Beach Florida happened this month. We had not filmed a surf contest before but found it to be an interesting experience. The purpose of our visit was to film a few sponsored surfers while getting some great footage for the upcoming …

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  • Make it Rain – Creating Animated Rain in Photoshop
    After working on some new animation effects for a client, I figured there was no better way to show off my new skill set then to blog about it. So, here you have it a step-by-step 3 part tutorial on how to “Make it Rain” using Photoshop. Open up Photoshop and select the picture that …

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  • Raise your office desk for better health and a better back.
    Table Lifts Design for your Office I am usually a custom to standing at an architect table where my computer sits up high. So when moving into our new office I had some choices to make regarding our new work space. I am not big at sitting down. For one reason, you tire easier and …

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  • Making a Music Video
    Making the Music Video – I am no Poet Music Shooting I am no poet was a very intense experience. It was a very hands on shoot and I had a great time being involved with the project. I met with spencer in his Apartment in the historic district of New Smyrna. The environment was …

    Making a Music Video Read More »

  • The Technology Behind Beyond: Two Souls
    Here at Grimmster, out motto is Design, Build, Technology. So, as you can guess we like to keep up with the most current technology and what’s going on in the tech world. Some of the most innovative technology today is coming from the world of video games. The current console wars are proof of that. …

    The Technology Behind Beyond: Two Souls Read More »

  • New Sales and Marketing Office
    The new Grimmster sales and marketing office set up went pretty smoothly. Below are a few pictures of before and after. Things will again change more I am sure as we more clearly define an effective use. The color was originally gold and the front window had to have a glass etched clown removed which …

    New Sales and Marketing Office Read More »

  • Getting Started with HTML – Part 4
    In the previous three installments of Getting Started with HTML I gave you a brief history of HTML, showed you how to make a very basic web page, and showed you how to place structural elements, tags, and headers into your web page. If you missed any of those you can always take a look …

    Getting Started with HTML – Part 4 Read More »

  • Vacation in Minnesota
    The summer isn’t the same if you can’t get away from the September Florida heat and head out to one of my favorite places, Minnesota. Maria and I get to see lots of family and friends when we go and it is always non stop fun. We ventured from Minneapolis/ St Paul to the Boundary …

    Vacation in Minnesota Read More »

  • Outdoor Robotics at CeoSpace Entrepreneur Expo
    Well it has been about 3 months since we officially started marketing and testing the market for Multicopters in the United States. (We unofficially started about 6 months ago doing product testing and some small expos and demos.) Below is a picture of the Grimmster Display at the Ceospace Entrepreneur Expo in Vegas. Bottom line …

    Outdoor Robotics at CeoSpace Entrepreneur Expo Read More »

  • Getting Started with HTML – Part 3
    In the previous two installments of Getting Started with HTML, I gave you a brief history of HTML and I showed you how to make a very  basic web page to start off with.  If you happened to miss part one and two you can always take a look here:      HTML Tutorial Part …

    Getting Started with HTML – Part 3 Read More »

  • Building the Outdoor Robotics Multicopter
    Before going out to Las Vegas for the Entrepreneur Expo at CeoSpace I had to do some tweaks on the HoverCat-6 Multicopter. Basically I had to figure out the best way to transport the copter and equipment. There were numerous tests, taking apart different components to discover the best way to reassemble quickly once in …

    Building the Outdoor Robotics Multicopter Read More »

  • Startup Foundations Success Tool #5
    Using a Quick Financial Plan for making better decisions and keeping your business on track This is my favorite tool of all the Online Business Foundations Success Tools. Why? Because you need to stay on track with you money! – especially profits, expenses and cash flow. Notice I didn’t say  The big “Sales” word. Good …

    Startup Foundations Success Tool #5 Read More »

  • Grimmster Vision 2013 Reel
    Grimmster Vision action footage highlighting some events filmed using the Outdoor Robotics Film Meister 6. Cheers.  
  • Startup Foundations Success Tool #4
    The 90 Day Growth Plan One of my favorite tools is the 90 day growth plan. It looks at all key areas of activities and skills needed to grow your business including: Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Financial Management, Operations and Administration, Product the Development, and Customer Service. While there are many online tools out there on …

    Startup Foundations Success Tool #4 Read More »

  • Film Meister 6
    A 30 second video featuring the Film Meister 6 Hexacopter – The newest addition to Grimmster Outdoor Robotics Aerial Camera Systems. Check it out!
  • Film Meister Stabilization
    A 30 second video showing the Brushless Gimbal Camera Stabalization System on the Film Meister 6
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